The Magician's Nephew (C. S. Lewis)

25 September 2002

The Magician's Nephew

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Graham MacDonald (7 March 2003 12:30)

I last read this when I was very young indeed and was amazed at how the whole thing came flooding back. The pictures in the edition I read for the group were the same as those in my childhood copy which made the whole experience even more nostalgic. I think this is probably the best of the Narnia books, pleasantly unburdened by the mythology that runs through the rest with only the briefest hint at what's to come. Can easily be read on it's own or as part of the series.

Claire Anderson (5 March 2003 18:16)

This is one I reccomended and I like it very much indeed. Able to be enjoyed by Kids and Adults on two different levels this is an old-fashioned book, but none the worse for that