Night's Master

The Glasgow Science Fiction and Fantasy Bookgroup will next be discussing:

Night's Master (Tanith Lee)

27 September 2017 19:00 Tinderbox (118 Ingram Street, Glasgow, G1 1EJ)

Night's Master

Her classic, most popular fantasy series, Tales from the Flat Earth, where demons and gods grant wonders and wreak havoc. Visit the Upperearth, where dwell the gods; the Underearth, the realm of nightmarish demons; the Innerearth, domain of the dead; and the Flat Earth itself, the home of mortals.

Supreme amongst them all is the demon god Azhrarn, Night's Master, whose deadly whims could change the lives of those in the Flat Earth. Azhrarn holds in his heart a mystery which could alter the very existence of the Flat Earth forever.

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