The Noise-Makers

The Glasgow Science Fiction and Fantasy Bookgroup will next be discussing:

The Noise-Makers (Malcolm Bray)

25 September 2019 19:00 Tinderbox (118 Ingram Street, Glasgow, G1 1EJ)

The Noise-Makers

Two hundred years after a terminally ill Earth was forsaken by mankind in favour of a 'domed' life on Mars, the red planet itself was abandoned en masse in humanity's search for a new and better world. One of the fourteen vast exploratory fleets, Gamma Interstellar, climaxed its weary journey at the brightest point in Canis Minor.
The voyager's new home seemed idyllic until the catastrophic arrival of the Noise, an unpredictable and devastating volume of sound that was to reduce the million strong settlement to no more than a few hundred within three generations.
Qat Kusha, a fearless and uncompromising young woman, has always suspected that the Noise is something other than a natural phenomenon, and she organises a last desperate expedition to discover its source. But even Qat hasn't reckoned on the price to be paid when she comes face to face with the Noise-Makers themselves.

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