The Dancers at the Edge of Time (Michael Moorcock)

30 January 2008

The Dancers at the Edge of Time

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Ross Hetherington (9 February 2020 14:04)

I like this best as a funny exploration of an amoral, post-scarcity society (perhaps the ultimate one). The number of stories I've read where the apotheosis of humanity basically involves us turning into glowing entities and floating into a sun really sets out why this is definitely not bad. Sketchy writing - which isn't great in a setting where pretty much anything can be appearing at any time - but he always writes like that. I sympathised alot with Mrs. Underwood's unability to get away from the mores of her age, even when it's fairly obvious they are increasingly irrelevant - it's well observed. It certainly needs a whole book to get going, though, which isn't good.

Phil Rodger (29 April 2008 14:06)

Classic Moorcock, not his very best but excellent all the same.

Marc Reynolds (27 March 2008 15:36)

I quite enjoyed it despite being a bit of a slog at times.

David Timlin (19 February 2008 21:53)

Although the later chapters of the book show some promise I just cannot bring myself to like it (or finish it for that matter) - the characters are impossible to empathise with and nothing particularly memorable happens despite some clever ideas and subtexts.

Graham MacDonald (19 February 2008 15:46)

I loved this book. Read it twice and if you take it as it's meant to be... a lark with a massive dollop of satire thrown in for good measure you should get on very well with it. Great characters and some very funny moments.

Avril Stringer (13 February 2008 13:31)

Sorry I missed the discussion but I did read the book! Or at least most of it - I forced myself to continue after the first third but then gave up with 100 pages to go.

Really un-convincing characters with a plot going in circles. Even the people from a century with a grip on reality were dull. I did like some of the aspects of the 'future' especially the breaking down of everything and then re-building it - this is true recycling. The attempts at humour did not always work. The people of the future were so shallow and ignorant that it made them completely un-interesting and I hope they all died in the end of the universe at the end. The story might work in a film.

Sarah Fleming (31 January 2008 18:33)

Shame the rating score doesn't have a 0