Sputnik Caledonia (Andrew Crumey)

28 May 2008

Sputnik Caledonia

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Marc Reynolds (18 June 2008 12:34)

An interesting if ultimately futile book - It was set for 4 stars until the end where it totally lost my appreciation. There is no conclusion, and no reward for perseverance. The characters do not seem to gain anything from their trials.

Personally I do not see the link to the Wizard of Oz either (except one character being called Dorothy)

The Tagline would be better to be "Everything is pointless"

Graham MacDonald (2 June 2008 16:39)

I think this book was unfairly criticized at the meeting. I liked this slightly bizzare take on the Wizard of Oz which left you with a lot of unknowns and, I admit did feel slightly unsatisfactory at the end. I flicked through the book randomly at the meeting and the first line I saw was "Everything is connected to everything else" which is pretty much the crux of this book.