Diaspora (Greg Egan)

30 July 2008


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Graham MacDonald (7 August 2008 10:56)

Hard to rate this because a lot of it was very good. Unfortunately I find it quite hard to really care about a bunch of computers roaming about in 6 dimensional space thousands of years after the last living, breathing human has died out; talking about made up physics based on the ideas of a made up physicist. I appreciate that this is Greg Egan's style and at least it's well written (unlike Neuromancer which has similar problems) but to be quite honest I skim read most of the chapters where he went on about physics and maths. Not because I don't find physics and maths interesting but because I prefer to read about them in a textbook with pictures. The greatest writer on earth couldn't describe a lot of the stuff that Egan attempts without pictures and Egan is not the greatest writer on earth by a long way.