Hyperion (Dan Simmons)

26 November 2008


Average Rating:

Jeff Rodger (28 October 2009 23:51)

An interesting story but very poorly written - I thought it seemed more of a exercise in writing techniques than a true book...

Marc Reynolds (31 July 2009 17:08)

Not nearly as clever as it thinks it is. It is trying to be the Sci Fi Cantebury Tales, but just ends up feeling contrived. None of the characters are particularly likeable.

Avril Stringer (13 July 2009 08:59)

This is basically a several short stories re-told during a quest. Details about the quest and the world are cleverly revealed through the stories. Intresting but a bit heavy going.

Graham MacDonald (7 January 2009 12:20)

I liked this. It was an interesting tale that only seemed to tell a very small part of a story that is clearly going to be expanded in further books. The story unfolds slowly and the characters are well defined making for a really interesting and different read.