Cryptonomicon (Neal Stephenson)

28 January 2009


Average Rating:

Avril Stringer (2 February 2009 19:09)

Things I liked about this book - the characters, the humour, the way the 2 stories come together, the historical details. The humour was almost had me laughing out loud and I NEVER do that. The WWII details were written like he was there and included things not usually documented.

Things to watch - FAR too long with LOTS of unnecessary bits, technical chapter at the start, abrupt ending.

Marc Reynolds (31 January 2009 10:31)

Neal Stephenson has found his niche with geeky historical novels.

Graham MacDonald (30 January 2009 16:06)

One of my all time favourites this, despite it's length which is somewhat daunting at first look. This book is simultaneously informative, exciting, stimulating and at points laugh out loud funny. The plot is probably too involved to get into here but as a brief overview it intertwines WWII cryptography with modern day attempts to set up a data haven in the far east. Sounds boring doesn't it... well it's not. Read it.