Watchmen (Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons)

25 March 2009


Average Rating:

Jeff Rodger (28 October 2009 23:50)

Not the "greatest comic ever" in my opinion but definately one of the greats

Marc Reynolds (31 July 2009 17:04)

Emininently rereadable classic. The patriach of graphic novels. slightly dated, though it captures the paranoia of the cold war like nothing else. I always feel the ending is weak whenever I read it.

Avril Stringer (13 July 2009 08:55)

It's ok as a comic but I prefer the character and plot development of a novel. The story is pretty weak.

Graham MacDonald (30 April 2009 13:27)

Couldn't really give this less than 5 stars. A classic of the genre that still stands up well in the wake of the global war on terror. It will be interesting to see how relevant this fells in 50 years time though.