The Atrocity Archives (Charles Stross)

27 May 2009

The Atrocity Archives

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Marc Reynolds (30 July 2009 09:25)

I love this book. Charles Stross is now one of my favorite authors, and I now buy all his work. I will admit that the writing in this one is a little rocky, but the story is great fun. Anything that has dimension hopping Nazi's, weaponized gorgon's stares and a geek as the main character gets my vote.

Graham MacDonald (16 June 2009 10:48)

Excellent slice of Eldritch horror mixed with Cyberpunk with a bit of cheeky humour thrown in for good measure. I really enjoyed these tales though they definately had something of the first novel about them. The second, shorter story about Medusa was probably the better of the two tales in this book and I can definatley see myself seeking out more of Stross's work.