We (Yevgeny Zamyatin)

24 June 2009


Average Rating:

Marc Reynolds (30 July 2009 09:22)

An interesting take on a dystopian future, especially considering it's date. It's hard not to compare it unfavorably against the likes of 1984, Farenheit 451 and brave new world, till you remember that it predates all of them and was a huge influence on them.
What I found most interesting is how benevolent the future society seems when viewed from the inside. The main character seems more unhappy the freer from it's control that he becomes

Graham MacDonald (29 July 2009 22:27)

This is an interesting if slightly confused template for 1984 and as such it's impossible not to give it a good rating. It has all the classic elements of dystopian fiction and it kinda feels cliched until you realise that this was the first time a lot of these ideas had been written down. Unfortunately it's a bit confusing and slightly dated (especially the space ship) but given it's origins and what it inspired it's hard not to love it!

Avril Stringer (13 July 2009 09:00)

Fore-runner to 1984. Lots of interesting concepts about the nature of freedom and happiness. The ending was a bit weak and inconclusive.