Return From The Stars (Stanislaw Lem)

30 June 2010

Return From The Stars

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Marc Reynolds (3 August 2010 05:40)

Quite hard work to get into, in large part due to the total alienness of the environment the main character finds himself in. This does grant you a level of empathy with the character as he finds himself a fish out of water, and I was left with a feeling of achievement on finishing this despite (or perhaps because) it was quite hard going.. There are some interesting observations of our society from the future perspective!

Graham MacDonald (1 August 2010 05:59)

Slightly dated but nonetheless very interesting tale from the master of Polish sci-fi. Written 50 years ago some of his predictions are scarily accurate and I am left with the feeling that in order to absorb it's full meaning a re-read may be required. Feels much more contemporary than a lot of American sc-fi from the same period.