Planet Of The Apes (Pierre Boulle)

31 August 2011

Planet Of The Apes

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Marc Reynolds (21 September 2011 07:07)

A classic that only gains it's 3rd star because of the underlying idea. Not particularly great writing (but that could be the translation), and I agree with Carol about the unlikable protagonist (although that is also the case in the film).

Jeff Rodger (1 September 2011 12:54)

I definately liked this - it's tough to get past the fact that everyone knows what to expect (in some form or another) at the end but overall I though this was an entertaining book. It managed to get its story and point across without outstaying its welcome and for that it's to be applauded.

Carol Ann Balloch (1 September 2011 06:41)

Thought the book was okay, judged quite harshly because of the obvious preconceptions that every modern reader will now have after watching either the original film or indeed any of the other films that have spun off from it. Very dry narrative, reminded me too much of a Victorian adventure story, (such as the Lost World or Journey to the Centre of the Earth), which I do enjoy and generally forgive the narrative style considering when it was written but by this stage (the 1960s) the style makes it very hard to forgive and I found it very hard to like or indeed sympathise with the main protagonist. Although credit has to be given for creating a concept that would indeed spiral through many decades, hence we are now in 2011 and seeing a reimagining of it (more or less) yet again on the big screen. Also it doesn't exactly take too long to read which means any irritants don't linger on the mind too much (except the ending which stays and annoys you because it reminds you of the 2001 Burton film). Not the best but certainly not the worst either.