Ready Player One (Earnest Cline)

28 March 2012

Ready Player One

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Budd Turner (18 June 2016 15:10)

This was an epic nostalgia tour for me, having wandered through the 70s excitement and more recently, 3D immersive environments.

Mike Kehoe (22 April 2012 03:32)

Despite a compulsion to finish any book I start, I couldn't find a motivation to finish this.

Jeff Rodger (30 March 2012 11:41)

I gave this one 4 stars for the sheer fun I had reading it which deep down was the point. It's probably a 2 or a 3 for thinking back on it but like I said I had a blast reading it.
Definitely being a nerd will help whilst reading this...especially if you're of the right edge.