Dhalgren (Samuel R. Delany)

25 July 2012


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Ross Hetherington (9 February 2020 14:18)

I get the comment about Aids etc. (but then, even with that, syphillis was still about so there are various passages where I was thinking "Hmm..." Not the only problematic thing happening alot of the time either!), but that would hinge on exactly what is meant to be going on, and what these characters are after. Where the city is is left VERY open, after all...

But also - I'd hope this book is not meant to really have an obvious moral message and we're meant to emulate the characters!

Anyway - it's a work of genius.

Graham MacDonald (26 July 2012 03:17)

Excellent book, beautifully written that leaves a lot to think about. Cyclical narratives within cyclical narratives make this more an exercise in language than storytelling and what could have been a massively frustrating read is saved by some gorgeous prose and brilliant observations of the art of conversation.

It is, however, a wee bit dated now. It's social and sexual politics speak to the post-pill, pre-Aids generation but there is enough cynicism in there, specifically provided by the main character's internal, sometimes rambling, monologues to temper this and give it some relevance to today's generation too.