Ill Met in Lankhmar (Fritz Lieber)

26 January 2000

Ill Met in Lankhmar

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Jeff Rodger (12 March 2003 22:04)

Two riders travel over the desert of something banal. Could they be...shock horror... the mighty Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser? Yes they are - just like they were every chapter before this one. Bugger.

Baz McAlister (6 March 2003 22:40)

Sorry, I didn't like this at all! I guess I was expecting to, which may be a contributing factor, but I found it basic, unengaging and a bit twee. I know there are a lot of Leiber fans out there - I'm afraid I really can't see why.

Graham MacDonald (6 March 2003 19:18)

Controversially, I loved this book! I'm not even sure why! It was stupid and there wasn't even any suspense due to the exact plot of each chapter being spelled out at at the start of the chapter in a little summary of the story to come. That said, it was hugely enjoyable and more than a little bizarre. I'd love to know if it was intentionally so.