The Stone Canal (Ken MacLeod)

23 February 2000

The Stone Canal

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Ross Hetherington (9 February 2020 13:35)

This is the best book I've read by him, I think. Interesting characters. A lot of detail on futile (in our world) far left sects which I enjoy (being pretty far left myself but put off from ever joining one of these things). Great science fictional aspects. Some of his other books I find race along a bit too much, but I think this one seems to work perfectly and has great pace. He's a nice guy, as well - he humoured the science fiction and fantasy society at Edinburgh university multiple times by attending our conventions, even at short notice. And I'll never forget this opening quote from one of those talks:

"Science Fiction is one of the two ways we can understand what might happen in the Future. The other is Marxism, but I'll talk about that another time."

Sunain Rai (15 May 2008 17:42)

Overly complex plot, confusing at times. Bizarre to read about students sitting drinking in Jim's bar! Overall not a bad contribution to Sci Fi but have read better.

Phil Rodger (29 April 2003 15:38)

Pap! Pap pap pap! Don't know about well executed but the author should be executed!

Graham MacDonald (14 March 2003 15:21)

I really liked this book. It has so much going on and it's epic scope and feel is masterfully executed. The fact that the main characters start the book as students at Glasgow University possibly helped sway me here too.

MacLeod's vision of the future is complex (perhaps too complex though if you stick with it it will reward you) and well executed, as well as being highly original. His future tech is leagues ahead of Gibson and the like in style and substance.

A cracking read.

Fraser Graham (14 March 2003 00:18)

A little bit complicated but still a great read. I found myself getting a little lost when the plot shifted direction so much but the long spanning story has stuck with me since I read it many years ago. Interesting philosophical and sociologic questions raised in this book but perhaps poured on a little bit oo heavy. Still - a very enjoyable book.