Og-Grim-Dog: The Three-Headed Ogre (Jamie Edmundson)

27 April 2022

Og-Grim-Dog: The Three-Headed Ogre

Two heads are better than one...

Three can be a real pain in the arse

We are Og-Grim-Dog!

We have been loved and reviled! We have been the Hero of the Hour, the Darkest Villain, and everything in between! We have saved this world and travelled to worlds beyond it!

You think you can distil the life of Og-Grim-Dog into some words on a page?

When a stranger visits their inn, the regulars are in for a surprise. Did their Landlord really come here from Gal’azu—the dangerous, edgier province to the east? Could it be that his stories, so fanciful and fantastical, were episodes from his previous life?
When their Landlord is persuaded to have his life story recorded for posterity, the surprises come thick and fast. Just like his regulars, you too can learn how a three-headed ogre came to be a hero. Unlike them, you don't stand to be killed if it all goes wrong...

Average Rating:

Ross Hetherington (25 May 2022 15:10)

The more I've thought about this book, the more I've liked it. It's pretty light and scrappy - but in sort of the way a likeable DIY punk album can be. I think it's shortness is a definite benefit. I'm wondering whether it's basically like some comforting-but-ultimately-generic fantasy, but I think there is a bit more to it than that. The ideas involved are a bit in advance of the actual writing - though not excessively so, I would add. I just wish the dungeons had been more interesting - I could come up with something better in 5 mins on a beermat, I have no doubt.

One more thought is - if it's this easy to write something passable, then that's good encouragement for people, I think!

Graham MacDonald (29 April 2022 08:39)

Yeah not much to say about this. Slight, kind of amusing at points, very short. It was a clunky attempt to do what Pratchett did so well which is shine a light on modern issues with a fantasy setting. Calling your opposing lawyers in a case Agassi and Sampras is weirdly lazy and totally loses focus and the 7 dwarves joke is very overused in this kind of comic fantasy. But... it was a very easy read and, like Sinclair, I couldn't really bring myself to hate it. 2 stars seems generous when I'm pretty sure I could have written this myself but I've read much worse at this book group.

Sinclair Manson (28 April 2022 20:43)

I couldn't even bring myself to hate it.