Sailing to Sarantium (Guy Gavriel Kay)

26 July 2000

Sailing to Sarantium

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Sunain Rai (15 May 2008 17:27)

I can't believe it got such a low rating. Well actually I can come to think on it! It took me ages to read the first time and I stopped for a 3 yr gap. The text can be a little difficult but you will get used to it(only took me 3 yrs). But really it is worth the effort especially if you read Lord of Emperors too...promise

Lawrence Osborn (30 April 2003 10:39)

I'm a Guy Kay fan, so I suppose I'm biassed. And, true, it is not his best novel (that would still be Tigana) but this is a good read. I like his very careful world-building and he does seem to be particularly adept at creating well-rounded sympathetic characters. However, the book does not really stand on its own. It needs to be read in conjunction with Lord of Emperors.

Marc Reynolds (6 March 2003 18:39)

If you ever find yourself in need to learn about the art of laying Mosaics this is the book to read!