Lord of Light (Roger Zelazny)

27 November 2002

Lord of Light

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Sunain Rai (15 May 2008 18:12)

Really difficult to break into. Re read the first 30 pages and was immediately put off by its strangeness. Reading it 3 yrs later I'm a massive fan. Certainly deserves the Masterworks title. Don't know what it is about a 3 yr gap that seems to improve... now where's episode 1 got to. ( no that hasn't improved with time!)

Baz McAlister (1 May 2003 23:44)

Sorry everyone! I just found the style impenetrable, the subject matter uninteresting and the characters ill-drawn and unsympathetic. Maybe I'll read it again in ten years when I'm a more spiritually-rounded being and love it to bits. We'll see.

Graham MacDonald (12 March 2003 15:21)

This is one of the best science fiction novels ever written in my humble opinion. The ingenious plot structure means you are constantly guessing as to what's going on and believe me, when you finally find out it's worth every page you've read. I can't recommend this book highly enough.

Marc Reynolds (4 March 2003 18:19)

A Masterwork. I have re-read it many times in the 15 years since I first read it - definately one of my top ten best reads!