Snow Crash (Neal Stephenson)

30 January 2002

Snow Crash

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Graham MacDonald (14 March 2003 15:29)

Superb book which would have earned 5 stars were it not for the clumsy and un-satisfactory ending. The opening "pizza delivery" chapter is a masterpiece. Feels slightly dated now but that's always going to be the case with books that are set in as near a future as this is.

Baz McAlister (6 March 2003 22:49)

Hiro Protagonist. Gotta love a pun like that. He's the hero protagonist that all lesser cyberpunk books (stop shuffling at the back, there, Gibson) ought to have had from the word go.

Marc Reynolds (6 March 2003 18:49)

A high octane thriller combining Pizza Delivery, Ancient Sumerian Religion, and World dominating Cybercrime. Only Neal Stephenson could pull this off.
The only flaw is that the pace is so fast it's difficult to finish without feeling like it just stops.