The Eyre Affair (Jasper Fforde)

27 February 2002

The Eyre Affair

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gregor moir (10 November 2003 01:05)

Utter cack. One of the wettest central characters in sci-fi/fantasy. The most difficult concept thrown up by the book is that half the men in it are attracted to this character. An idea too far fetched for even a staunch reader of sci-fi such as myself.

Clever? Yes. Funny and engaging? No. Sci-fi/fantasy for lovers of Catherine Cookson.

Who do I hand my recipt to in order to get my money back?

Phil Rodger (11 April 2003 12:12)

Probably the best book I've read at the group, surreal, witty and completely insane, I can't reccomend this enough.

Fraser Graham (14 March 2003 00:21)

Superb book, brilliantly stylish characters and a fantastic literary style makes Fforde so easy to read and when you're done you just want more. Can't wait to read the sequel.

Claire Anderson (12 March 2003 23:31)

I loved this book. Like Graham, I though it would make a great christmas present and my Dad also Loved it. Jane Eyre was one of my favourite books when I was about 14, so I enjoyed all the references very much.

The Sequel (Lost in a Good Book) is also very very good. I'm sure I am missing a great many of the literary jokes, but that really hasn't spoilt my enjoyment at all

Graham MacDonald (7 March 2003 12:25)

What can I say. I loved this book, most of the people at the group loved this book. I gave this book to my mum for Christmas and she loved it too. I think the most important thing I can say about this book is that it made me want to read Jane Eyre (which, to my shame, I've not done yet).

May I recommend Jasper Fforde's website for a further giggle.

Baz McAlister (6 March 2003 22:46)

Mister Fforde's in danger of being so clever, his head will fall off. It's impossible to say exactly why I like this so much - I think I like it partly for the literary in-jokes, partly for the snappy dialogue, the great heroine and the classic villain, and partly because Fforde's style is so easy to get into.