The Callahan Chronicals (Spider Robinson)

28 May 2003

The Callahan Chronicals

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gregor moir (10 November 2003 00:05)

This book really got up my nose.Everyone was so nice. The problems were all so easily solved. I just wanted one bitter, old and unsaveable alchy in the corner pished, sleazing over women, and trying to stick the head on Doc Webster. The puns were rubbish as well.

Graham MacDonald (2 October 2003 12:09)

Not if it was full of the same bunch of depressing prats that Callahan's was full of we wouldn't.

Baz McAlister (31 July 2003 16:15)

Wouldn't we all like to have a local like Callahan's (especially when it serves Bushmills)?

Avril Stringer (9 July 2003 13:54)

If you like puns, this is the book for you.

Phil Rodger (31 May 2003 14:37)

A fine book that is fairly unique in its approach to science fiction, some of the ideas are a little contrived but the easy going language and style more than make up for this.

Marc Reynolds (29 May 2003 18:15)

I love this book and frequently go back to callahan's to meet up with old friends. Though the format does get samey, it is quite nice to find a novel with this level of optimism.

Graham MacDonald (29 May 2003 11:57)

Quite an interesting idea that doesn't reach it full potential due to excessive tweeness and repetition throughout the stories. I'd pick it up again only to re-read "The Time Traveller" which is by far the best of the stories.