Great Apes

Great Apes (Will Self)

30 July 2003

Great Apes

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Marc Reynolds (11 August 2003 23:32)

I found this very difficult to get in to. A great concept it loses a lot in execution - Will Self can't write something like this without coming across as self-aggrandising. It also goes from a 3 to a 2 star book due to the lack of resolution at the end.

Graham MacDonald (31 July 2003 09:35)

I appreciate that this book isn't to everyones taste but I think if you take time with it you find a really rewarding book. It's a biting satire on contemporary morals and life (especially of the pretentios art set in London) and it's also incredibly funny (I know not everyone [anyone!] agrees with me on this though). This is more a study in psychology than a story about what the world would be like if apes were the dominant species but it does have some really interesting ideas in it around what such a society would be like.

If you liked the idea but not the length and the execution of this book then try some of his short stories. They're a lot easier to read (well most of them are anyway).