Altered Carbon (Richard Morgan)

28 January 2004

Altered Carbon

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Phil Rodger (31 July 2007 14:36)


An alright piece of cyberpunk with a few interesting concepts that raise it above the masses of other books out there. Definately the best in this series, as the later books make the protaginist into a thoroughly unsympathetic character and weaken the narrative as a result.

Graham MacDonald (30 March 2004 13:51)

Quite enjoyable cyberpunk romp with some interesting ideas but I think the fact that I didn't finish it suggests it maybe isn't as gripping as it should be.

Marc Reynolds (2 February 2004 19:49)

I also quite liked this! The concept of renting someone elses body is a mind blowing one. OK the rest of it is a bit cliche cyberpunk but I think that concept alone carries the book to 4 stars

gregor moir (31 January 2004 17:09)

I quite liked this.