Fade-Out (Patrick Tilley)

31 March 2004


Average Rating:

Marc Reynolds (19 May 2004 19:30)

An interesting book, but somewhat lacking in any kind of ending. I found this left me wanting some kind of explanation, and slightly unsatisfied. It was a gripping read while it lasted, but with more of a "Tom Clancy spy thriller" feel than SF.

gregor moir (22 April 2004 18:01)

I quite liked the story driven 'just the facts ma'am' approach. Saying that what book couldn't be improved with a few green tentacles.

Graham MacDonald (1 April 2004 09:34)

Excellent, gripping, inteligent and witty. Much better than your average first contact novel this book keeps you guessing 'till the end and then leaves you, erm... guessing. The characters are well developed and although the book may be slightly dated (set as it is at the height of the cold war) the ideas are fresh and interesting.