Guards! Guards! (Terry Pratchett)

30 June 2004

Guards! Guards!

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Marc Reynolds (29 July 2004 13:02)

Whilst quite funny in places I did not think it was worth reading a second time. (I first read it several years ago). I think that the book suffers from overstrained jokes that are not worth the time, and which mire the few true moments of humor. This is some of Pratchett's best work and would rate 3 stars if some of the jokes hadn't already featured in earlier discworld books.

gregor moir (7 July 2004 20:35)

Barbarians with leather jockstraps, maidens in distress and Dwarven battle yodels. Ahhhh! Proper fantasy!

One of my favourite Discworld's. The characters and gags are straight out of an edpisode of Father Ted or Blackadder and will have you chuckling till your hearts content.

Gotta love those footnotes as well.

Graham MacDonald (2 July 2004 12:09)

Highly entertaining romp through the Discworld which is a wonderful and twisted mirror to our own world. Some of the jokes are a bit strained and the similies are sometimes Blackadderian in their length but I doubt anyone reads Pratchett expecting great literature. Even on second reading it managed to elicit a couple of outloud laughs from me.