A Canticle for Leibowitz (Walter M. Miller)

29 September 2004

A Canticle for Leibowitz

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gregor moir (3 October 2004 15:40)

While not brilliant and hindered by the worst opening paragraph in literature, this book recovers to become an addictive wee read.

Yes, it's predicitable. Yes, the lapses into Latin are a pain in the arse but just skip over them.

It's a bit like watching an intelligent well put together film even though you can see the ending a mile away. Enjoy it for everything else.

Graham MacDonald (2 October 2004 15:23)

Interesting but fundamentaly flawed book which is predictable from almost the first word. Who didn't know that the book was going to end with another nuclear apocalypse desroying the world once more?

However, this is more a work of warning and alegory than anything else but it's all been done before a million times and ceases to become interesting after a while.

Also the author makes what in my view is a fundamental mistake by writing so much of it in Latin. I don't speak Latin and just skipped most of this but it left me with a felling that the author was trying to be a bit too clever for his own good.