The Shrinking Man (Richard Matheson)

26 January 2005

The Shrinking Man

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Avril Stringer (1 September 2005 17:48)

This is fairly typical of this kind of book. It is the story of what would happen in these circumstances in a matter of fact way, without much characterisation or drama.

Graham MacDonald (6 April 2005 13:04)

Oh come on guys... It wasn't that bad!

gregor moir (1 April 2005 13:53)


Marc Reynolds (31 March 2005 18:54)

A tedious book, with a tedious hero. I couldn't sympathise or empathise with him. Also full of too many inconsistencies where size is concerned

Graham MacDonald (6 February 2005 17:10)

I really enjoyed this but I think it had just a couple too many flaws to be a classic. However, I thought that what it had to say about our reaction to people who are phsically different from us was very interesting. If I could give it 3 and a half stars I would.