The Princess Bride (William Goldman)

25 May 2005

The Princess Bride

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Robert Mynard (28 April 2011 04:40)

i loved this book and feel its one of the cleverest written books i've ever come across. At first the "authors" asides seemed annoying but after a little research into the the real William Goldman i realized that these interludes into his world were also fictional and designed to be annoying in much the same way that American Psyco's mindless bordom counterpointed the incredible violence. if, like Avril, you started to skip his interruptions then i fear you might have missed some of the real joy of this novel...
and if you've yet to read it, i would suggest making sure you get hold of the "25th anniversary edition" (pictured above) as the newly released "30th anniversary" version has had much of his asides rewritten to only really make sense to people that have read the 25th first... beautifully confusing and joyously annoying...
this may be my favorite book of all time

Avril Stringer (1 September 2005 17:40)

Loved it - identical to the film, really. Very funny and enjoyable. The only thing I hated was the asides - I did not read them in the end!

Graham MacDonald (26 May 2005 10:24)

Enjoyable fantasy which is equal to the excellent film which it became if you can get beyond William Goldman's little assides. Witty, refreshing and very clever.