Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (Susanna Clarke)

26 October 2005

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

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Lawrence Osborn (23 January 2007 09:39)

This was a good idea let down by the publishers, who should have insisted on major cuts.

Marc Reynolds (15 December 2005 18:33)

A tedious first half is salvaged by an enjoyable second half. I also found the faux olde english quite irritating at times

Graham MacDonald (2 November 2005 19:04)

Top notch. Set during a very slightly altered version of the Napoleonic Wars, Susanna Clarke has succeeded in creating a very interesting alternate history in which most things are as they are in our own history with the subtle and well realised addition of magic.

This book feels like it was written in the 1800s and is trying desperately to be part of the universe which it describes. This it manages very well but the humour and structure mark it as more of our time.

Perhaps my only complaint about this book is that it takes a wee bit of work to get into but for a 1000 page book I'm prepared to forgive it a slightly pedestrian first 200 pages. More please!