The Plot Against America (Philip Roth)

26 April 2006

The Plot Against America

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Marc Reynolds (7 July 2006 16:02)

An interesting alternate history that bottles it at the end by making everything all right. Roth should have decided whether he was writing an autobiography or an alteernate history book, not written the bastard child of both.

Graham MacDonald (27 April 2006 09:59)

Perhaps this book managed to sneak into this discussion group a bit underhandely. It's not really a fantastical alternate reality but a description of what it is like to live with fear of your own government for an ordinary family, and all the frustrations that brings with it. I apologise for duping everyone but I don't apologise for making people read this because I think it has a lot of really important things to say.

I would give this book 3 and a half, just because I feel it loses it a bit along the way but I've rounded this up to 4 to counter the bad reviews it is inevetably going to get from everyone else.