Gardens of the Moon (Steven Erikson)

26 July 2006

Gardens of the Moon

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Marc Reynolds (28 July 2006 18:25)

Perhaps not the best written book, but his labyrithine plots keep you guessing right till the end and even then not all is revealed. This probably get's a higher score from me than it should on the strength of the follow ups, which are better written.

Graham MacDonald (27 July 2006 11:28)

Not bad but terribly written, this book just didn't hold together very well. Mr Erikson is a graduate of the Iowa writers workshop apparently and this isn't a great advert for that particular institution. I'll probably finish it though... and then probably read the rest in the series as well.

P.S. I did finish it and actually, the second half was a lot better thasn the first, earning it an extra star.