Explorers of the New Century (Magnus Mills)

28 February 2007

Explorers of the New Century

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Marc Reynolds (3 April 2007 14:17)

Marvellous satire on human obsession and bigotry. I particularly liked the dialogue about the pronunciation of scone. (or is it scone?)
I did get the twist quite early on, but will probably read another by Mr Mills

Phil Rodger (6 March 2007 12:22)

I loved the writing style, but something about this one made me feel that it would have benefitted greatly from being either 100 pages shorter or 100 pages longer.

Graham MacDonald (1 March 2007 20:01)

Can't really fault this. Funny, clever (but not too clever) and thought provoking, this book appears to be part alternate history, part parable, part satire and part comedy and ends up being better than any of the sum of it's parts. Loved it. I'm already reading more of his stuff.