The Chrysalids (John Wyndham)

28 March 2007

The Chrysalids

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Marc Reynolds (3 April 2007 14:22)

I Get the feeling he intends you to come away feeling slightly uncomfortable (I certainly did). Certainly well written, but not as interesting a take on the emergence of post humans as Slan by Van Vogt

Graham MacDonald (1 April 2007 12:50)

Excellent wee book that is very different from a lot of Wyndham's other work. The usual apocalyptic clash of societies is here but this time it's not set in England in the 50's but some kind of post-apocalyptic Canada.

Rather bizzarely Wyndham spends the vast majority of this book drumming home the fact that we should be more tolerant of differences in society (mutations and the like) before rather happily having the more advanced and incredibly arrogant post-humans kill off the Labradorians without any kind of obvious satirical note at the end. But then possibly Wyndham was just being a lot more clever than he initially seems to be. Or maybe not.

Good stuff though.