Archangel (Sharon Shinn)

25 July 2007


Average Rating:

Phil Rodger (1 May 2008 15:32)

Given, it does work better as part of a series but I still think this is a great book with a well thought out setting and challenging ideas about the nature of faith in a world where the proof of their god's existence is seen every day by the populace.

The second book in the series Jovah's Angel expands this theme and is well worth a look if you want to follow the progress of the culture as the true nature of the god is revealed to a new Archangel.

Graham MacDonald (26 July 2007 09:26)

Not great, not terrible. An averagely written book in a slightly interesting setting that had been done before and better in "Lord of Light". From what I've heard you'll get a lot more out of this if you consider it part of a series and read the others but I'm not really sure I can be bothered to be honest. ALmost gave it two stars but it's better than most of my current two star ratings.